Welcome to my website which I’m sure you will find informative in considering a treatment for your specific health and well-being needs.

I offer treatments using massage, aromatherapy and hot stone therapy to address issues of pain, discomfort and tension in the muscles and soft tissues of the body.  I aim to bring about greater mobility and ease of movement as well as enabling the client to relax deeply and release emotional and mental tensions that can affect the way the body is held as well as leading to other physiological or psychological problems. for example headaches, insomnia, depression and lack of energy. Massage affects the body as a whole and in particular influences the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems and enhances their functioning. My treatments can give you that much needed time out from the ‘business of living’ so even though you may not be suffering from anything untoward you can receive a wonderful boost to your system as massage causes the release of endorphins , the body’s natural pain relief hormones that also enhance our sense of happiness and well-being.Treatments are delivered in a caring and professional manner. On your first visit I will carry out an initial consultation to accertain your requirements and to ensure massage is suitable for you. Comfort of the client is of utmost importance so I will always ensure that you are  warm, comfortable on the couch and happy with the lighting and music in the room so  you can relax and fully enjoy your treatment.


A consultation is carried out to ensure there are no conditions present for which massage is unsuitable or weather a doctor’s permission is required.  For this reason I advise anyone who feels they have a medical issue to discuss this with me prior to making an appointment.