Suzanne has been practicing massage since 2001 working from her home-based therapy room and also operating a mobile service.

Suzanne qulified through the IIHHT (International Institute of Holistic Health Therapies) in aromatherapy and swedish body massage and  qualified as a Lastone therapist, (the original hot stone therapy as developed by Mary Nelson, Tucson, Arizona), with Jane Scrivner who brought this treatment to the UK.

Suzanne offers massage as a method to treat pain, discomfort and tension in muscles and the tissues around  joints brought about by physical over-exertion, injury and general wear and tear caused by the stresses placed on the body of everyday living.  Suzanne works holistically understanding that the manifestation of discomfort and illness has it’s causes also at mental and emotional levels and these aspects of a clients make-up are taken into account when devising a treatment plan. The use of aromatherapy is an effective way to treat not just physical ailments but is wonderful for helping the client achieve positive mental and emotional states of well-being.

Suzanne believes that being a therapist is more than a nine to five job it is a way of life that for her encompasses her committment to providing the best professional treatments she can for her clients. With this approach Suzanne regularly looks to further her skills and knowledge base through various channels.such as professional development courses,  seminars and networking events. Much of the effectiveness of a treatment, especially when working at subtler levels of mind and emotion, depends on the therapist’s ability to connect with the client and Suzanne ,although working with the physical body, also appreciates that through the medium of touch she is assisting the client in activating their own innate healing mechanisms.