Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage involves using the essential oils or essences of plants diluted into a vegetable oil, (the massage medium). When massaged into the skin and inhaled the oil passes into the blood  where it has therapeutic effects on the body systems. for example they can be stimulating, calming, strengthening or balancing.  They work in a similar way to herbal medicine and have a vast array of properties to combat and alleviate ill health. For example anti-viral, analgesic, expectorant, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory to name a few.

The aroma of the oils are able to have an effect on the mind and emotions and subsequently the body, as impulses triggered in the brain signal to the body that it is safe and the effects of stress-related illness can be relieved.

A vegetable oil is used as a carrier oil in which the essential oils are diluted.  Essential oils are very concentrated so only make up approximately 2% of the massage oil. You will be able to choose which oils you would like depending on your needs and smell preference. Oils can also be used in a diffuser so you can also inhale the aromas during the massage. To acheive the best results from your treatment it is advised that you do not shower/bathe for at least 4 hours after the session to allow the oils to be fully absorbed.