I perform massage using a wide variety of strokes and techniques using my hands, forearms and elbows.  Pressure is applied at a level depending on the needs and preference of the client. Gentle to medium depth pressure is used to aid relaxation and to stimulate blood and lymph flow.  Muscle tissues are nourished with oxygen and nutrients as the blood flows more freely through them and toxins and waste products that build up in the tissues due to stress and exercise are more readily removed in the lymph.  Deeper pressure is used to release pain in areas that have formed rigid bands of tissues due to muscles being held in tension, over used or as a result of injury. Massage helps the body to relax and allow greater movement and encourage the body to realign itself.  Due to the soothing effect of massage on the nerves and the general sense of well-being that results, it is a great antidote to the stresses of modern living.

Treatments involve the use of a suitable vegetable or mineral based oil.  Essential plant oils can be added to the massage oil to further increase the benefits of the massage or alternatively the massage environment can be infused with an aroma.